Industry 4.0 Big Data Service Solution

The strategic significance of big data technology is not to master huge data information, but to professionalize these meaningful data.

Technical characteristics

Big data deep customization

  Data scientist consulting and implementation of customized services, more than 10 years of experience in big data projects, pairing with business experts, intensive industry

➢ Focus on machine data optimization

  A team dedicated to providing algorithms and intelligent services for the industrial sector, providing machine big data platform construction and big data artificial intelligence services

Independent data collection solution

  Have independent data collection solutions and provide comprehensive professional services

Public cloud & proprietary cloud two solutions

  Whether it is public cloud service or proprietary cloud support, the most reasonable output solution based on the customer's own data status

System structure




  • Manufacturing
  • Financial sector
  • Internet industry
  • Food Industry
  • Telecommunications Industry
  • logistics industry
  • Energy industry